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Video games

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What we offer

We offer a wide variety of gently used games, and systems from all of your favorites! With thousands of games to choose from in our new easy to use Kiosk, you can find Atari, Gamecube, Playstation, Genesis, N64, Switch and much much more! Come check out all we have to offer from retro classics and to fan favorites!

All of our games are trade-ins.  If you would like to bring in your old games and systems, check out our trade-in information below. 

Systems we offer

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Trade-in information


We take all kinds of video games and consoles that are in working order. Consoles need to have the power cable and the AV (audio/video) cable, along with a working controller at the time of trade-in. In order to get the highest amount back for a trade-in, you need to have all of these items with you. Games and Consoles should be in decent condition, and not have excessive damage or wear.


For all evaluations you will need to fill out an evaluation form.  Bring your ID with you.  For larger collections, it can take up to 3 days for us to do a proper evaluation.  


You can get store credit (which is good for anything we sell in the store and never expires) or cash. See below for trade percentages.


- In the Firefly Toys & Games video game department, we only buy and sell used games and game systems. We will occasionally take in new-in-box (NIB) items on a case-by-case basis. Trade values for games depend on the options the customer chooses, Store Credit or Cash.

- Store credit will be issued at 40% of a game's value and 50% of a console's value.

- Cash will be issued at 30% of a game's value and 40% of a console's value.  

A Note on Pricing:
We use several different online selling outlets in order to keep up with modern trends on pricing for systems and games. We strive to be as competitive as possible with our trade-in values as well as our prices on items currently for sale in our store. 

All trade-ins require a valid government issued ID and for some paper work to be filled out. This is to protect both Firefly Toys & Games and You, the customer. 

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