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Education Connection

What is Education Connection?

We at Firefly Toys and Games believe that there is a distinct connection between board games and learning. Many games can be wonderful teaching tools, and can provide an educational experience for any learner.

Games can help foster social skills, cognitive skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal development, physical development, fine motor, gross motor, and precise motor skills. They can help learners be more expressive, communicative, and learn to work together while completing goals or objectives. Games facilitate fun environments for language development, creative thinking, problem solving, and learning to take place. 


Learn all about how Games can be Educational

Games can be enjoyable to play, and therefore are a great tool for reinforcing development, cognitive skills, educational values, principles, and concepts. For more information about recommended games for education, click the link below!

Fun games for Educators to Learn

Games can be useful teaching tools! 

To learn more about how to use games as teaching tools, the services and programs offered from Firefly, and other resources that are available, click on the link below!

Pep-rally night

4:00pm - Close

Come join in on our new Pep-Rally Night! Support your local school by earning points every time you visit Firefly! Points are based on purchases, playing games, and school spirit! At the end of each quarter, the school with the most School Spirit Points will receive prizes and have a Firefly celebration with the Spirit Stick!

Come out and foster your school spirit with us!

Looking to add even more School Spirit?!  Check out our School Spirit Night below...

Pep Rally Web.png

School Spirit Night

Support your school with School Night at Firefly Toys & Games!

Contact us to get started today!

If you are a school or PTA/PTO board, register your school through the form below and claim a Monday (or two), then advertise!

10% of sales from that day will be sent to the school that selected that date. Encourage students, families and communities to come and support the school's fundraising day!

Great Grades Program

Bring in your semester report card with B's or higher and we will give you a discount!

ALL A'S= 30% OFF

A'S & B'S= 25% OFF

ALL B'S= 20% OFF

- Full time students only (12 hrs. or more for college students).

- Discount must be used within 30 days of the end of the semester.

​- The Great Grades discount may be used twice per year (once a semester) on one product.


- The discount does not apply to any entry fees, card singles, booster boxes or packs, video game consoles, or gift certificates.

- $100 purchase limit before tax.  Discount may not be combined with any other sale or discount. Offer valid once per semester per person.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect! If you have any questions about our resources please contact us. 

Events & Outreach Department


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