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At Firefly Toys and Games we offer a wide variety of board games. We have classic favorites and brand new hot titles. Whether you are a casual player or are looking for your next game and expansions to pick up, Firefly has everything you need.


Be sure to come check out our Gamegenics section as well! With everything from box bands to card sleeves, we have all you could need for your next board game session!

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Demo Library

At Firefly, we have a large selection of demo games that are free to play in store! For both children and adults, we carry classic games as well as the newest and latest! Come check it out today and play a game with your friends! Also, be sure to join us every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for our weekly board game nights! Be sure to check out our children's Demo library where we have games for children 1+.

Our Demo Library

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Board Game Night 

Every Tuesday Night 

Come join us every Tuesday evening! You can join a table with others or start your own group of players! Check out our wide variety of board games to play from! And be sure to check out our highlighted game and come learn to play with us. 

Learn to play

Sheriff of Nottingham

April 16


Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun game full of deal making and deception! Prince John is coming to Nottingham and as a merchant you are eager to sell your goods for profit. But the watchful Sheriff is always watching for swindlers and smugglers. Will you pass honest goods through or risk it all and smuggle in weapons for Robin Hood?

Don’t miss out join us for board game night!

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Home School Board Game day

First Friday Of Every Month

Faye Family Game Day


Join us every First Friday of the month for Homeschool Day! We will be highlighting and teaching educational board games which cover a range of subjects, such as Math, Science, History, etc. 

Family Game Night

Every Saturday


Come out every Saturday and join us for an evening of family friendly board games! Our friendly staff will be here to help teach fun games for all families to enjoy. Be sure to come join us for an evening of games and fun!

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