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Educational Games

Each link will take you to a list of board games which offer correlation to that subject. We feel these board games can aid in learning broad or specific topics. Games under each subject show recommended age, grade, and skills that are highlighted. For more information on lesson supplements or other resources, check out our Educator Resources section, or read about how we have implemented modifications, resources, and other methods in games in our Blog


Games which deal with Arithmatic, Numbers, Simple Counting, and Calculations. 

Social Studies

Games that deal with History, Anthropology, Economics, and Geography


Games which deal with the sciences such as: Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Palentology, Psychology, etc. 


Games which deal in, computer science, sequencing, robotics, and engineering. 

English Language Arts

Games which deal in, Language, Grammer, Literature, Story-telling, and Literacy.

Fine Motor Skills

Games which deal with fine motor skills, hand-over-hand, balance, and spacial awareness. 

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