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Firefly Education Community

We at Firefly Toys and Games believe that there is a distinct connection between board games and learning. Many games can be wonderful teaching tools, and can provide an educational experience for any learner.

Below you will find a variety of ways that may be useful to you as an educator.  We offer several different types of services and programs including game education, implementation of games in the educational setting, team-building resources, and more! Feel free to contact us (link at the bottom) with any questions you have or how we can partner together for our community!

To see some of our highlighted educational games, click below:

Connecting with community

Here are a few of the different ways we can connect with local schools, libraries, and many more local organizations.  This list is not definite.  If you would like to learn more about how we can connect with your community, contact us HERE

Student Game Time

School is in!  There are ways to add times to play throughout the time of being in school on normal days, for short times or during incentive programs, half-days, field days, or other ideas!

After School Programs

Looking for fun activities to incorporate during after school programs?  Want to celebrate an event?  We can even do guidance counselor programs, family game nights, and more!

Game Clubs

Game clubs are a great way to allow people to learn new games, grow in their knowledge, and socialize!  Firefly can assist with starting or helping with game clubs such as Board Games, Pokemon, and Role-Playing Games!

Collegic Resources

STUDY BREAK!  Let's host a game night!  Gaming is great for the mind and soul.  Socialize with friends and play some games to alleviate study brain and tension.  Host a night on campus at the resident halls, or incorporate games in the classroom for fun or focal studies!

Staff Resources

If you are a teacher, educator, librarian or other staff, we have games for you!  Use games in the classroom to highlight subjects, topics, and more!  (We can also show you how to use games' resources in YOUR class!)

Other Resources

Want to host a team building event at your workplace?  Let us bring games for staff parties, end-of-summer/end-of-year events, professional development opportunites, etc.  The opportunities are endless!



Want to keep up with outreach happenings and resources?  Follow our blog to get some incite on the latest games and resources to use at your next event. 

Coming Soon!

Homeschool Game Day

1st Friday each month!


Come by the Firefly Play area! 

Faye Family Game Day.jpg

Want us to be a part of your community?

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